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Monday, March 3, 2014 03:12:40 PM
Local Film Premiere --- 'Local Girls'

If you’ve been following the ‘End of the Century’ series of short films by Callen Diederichs, you’ll be familiar with the 19th century Saskatchewan wanderer-adventures of gunslingers Jean Delacroix and George Terrance O’Donoghue.  In Diederichs’ new short, ‘Local Girls’ the two unknowingly stumble upon supernatural goings-on of a sort.

I don’t want to give anything away, but ‘Local Girls’ starts as a violent confrontation between two prairie women fighting over an amulet and goes strange places from there.  The look of the movie itself is pretty amazing, with scenes that have a certain Malick-ian natural quality to them, the wind through the grass, and so forth.  And it’s a bit of a mindbender, open to some interpretation, using ideas from New Wave aesthetics and magical realism.  According to Diederichs’, “The film uses elements of western, horror, and exploitation films to explore the effects of colonialism in late 19th century Canada.”

You can see ‘Local Girls’ at The Roxy Theatre on Sunday, March 16th.  If you haven’t seen the first two entries in the series, ‘Supper’s Ready’ and ‘The Trouble I Got,’ then it’s a good time to check it out --- they’ll also be showing that night.  Head on down and check out some local film!

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