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Saturday, July 30, 2016 05:17:04 PM
Hubby in Distress Review
by: Ezekiel McAdams

Hubby In Distress Review

By Ezekiel McAdams

            Hubby in Distress is one of  the three Kids Fringe shows this season. It comes from local group, Orange Jacket Theatre. A revamp of earlier production of a previous Floyd Festival show.

            Written by Kevin Kermack and directed by Monika Holman, Hubby is the story of tale quarreling narrators played by Holman and Andy Carlson McNab who both want a story with a hero, only Holman's narrator yearns from something more progressive rather then typical[ male hero action story.

            The supporting cast includes Kerman, Ashley Pachkowsky, Amanda Bristol and F. David Schultz as maniacal villain, Charles Sneed. are all great in their parts,

             F. David Shultz steals the show as villain, Charles Sneed. In fact the show would have been better with more Charles Sneed. Schultz’s bombastic performance was perfect for the over the top character and the children that I saw the performance ate it up with a spoon.

            The great thing about this show for both children and adults but specifically children is the Positive messages about gender equality cocooned  in absurd children’s humor. While the Bechdel test reference may go over the kid's heads, Charles Sneed will not.

            Bring your children, while it is slow at parts, children will most likely find it hilarious.

Hubby in Distress plays in the Victoria School Gym.

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