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Saturday, July 30, 2016 05:22:28 PM
Diamond Girls Review
by: Ezekiel McAdams

Diamond Girls Review

By Ezekiel McAdams

                Diamond  Girls comes from a affiliation of Menagerie Productions  and Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame.

                Written by Maureen Ulrich, directed by Kenn McLeod and starring Malia Becker, Diamond Girls is a one woman show about the  All American Girls Professional Baseball League that was created during World War II. Of the 600 Women who played in the league, 64 were from Canada with 40% coming from Saskatchewan.

                Diamond Girls feels like a polished production,  the direction from McLeod is steady with manic energy interspersed with character  moments and  dramatic points all played to perfection by Becker who plays  twenty two different characters effortlessly.

                Becker is able to capture the nuances, facial tics, body language and different vocal affectations of each character seamlessly, making them seem real  and alive.  Special mention to her performances of  Mary Baker, Daisy Junor and Fred Leo, the president of the AAGBI.

                While the set design is minimal, the costumes and the basic set capture the spirit and transport the audience to the heyday of the league.

                A time capsule that holds history, heart and laughter held together by the strong performance of Becker.

                Diamond Girls is not only one of the best plays of the festival, it is engaging for all mindsets, history buffs, sports aficionado and  theatre lovers.

Diamond Girls is playing at Cosmo

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