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Monday, August 1, 2016 11:41:36 PM
The Witch and Bitch Sessions Review
by: Ezekiel McAdams

The Witch and Bitch Sessions Review

By Ezekiel McAdams

                From local company, EvilStick Productions comes a comedy about two women fighting for their very souls from the devil himself.

                The play stars Yvonne Addai and Jillian Barrowman as two friends, Yvonne and Jill and is co-directed by Miranda Hughes.

                Witch & Bitch is a fun, and entertaining 60 min romp that showcases Addai and Barrowman's  ability to fire of rapid fire dialogue and quips as well as play dual roles as the devil (Shay Tan) and a sock puppet.

                Both Addai  and Barrowman have more fun getting to play the devil but it is Barrowman who is so delightfully over the top and sleazy in a posh British accent that steals the show and sometimes makes you wish that it was just Barrowman as the devil.

                Addai is quite good, playing grounded frustrated and even seduced  well. Special mention to be able to convincingly  play a sock puppet and herself  without too much suspension of disbelief.

                The dynamic and chemistry of Addai and Barrowman is another standout as they feel like real people and friends as they deal with supernatural hi-jinks.

                The direction is good as the play moves along fast and is engaging.

                The Witch and Bitch Sessions is fun, charming and delightfully silly.

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