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Wednesday, August 3, 2016 11:31:53 PM
The Philip And Lucinda Show Review
by: Ezekiel McAdams

The Philip And Lucinda Show Review

By Ezekiel McAdams

                Philip and Lucinda is a love letter to absurdum, vaudeville and performance art.

                Coming from Grand Salta Theatre in Toronto, performers, Myke Franz and Zita Nyarady are the husband and wife team of Philip and Lucinda, trying to revive the vaudeville format.

                This show is a quintessential  Fringe show in all the best ways; surreal and absurdist, performance art, audience interaction and even occasional very meta jabs at live theatre.

                Kranz and Nyarady are the reason to see the show. Their chemistry and dynamic  along with their incredible physical performance make the show, a wild ride filled with laughter, fun and jubilation.

                Kranz and Nyarady have an instant charm and likability as their characters tell anecdotes and treat the audience like best friends instead of total strangers. Kranz and Nyarady are able to carry the weight of the shows just on their characters and their accents and not make it feel like a quick gag.

                 In between the singing and dancing are quiet moments of fun such as when Nyarady, goes into the audience to get the audience to wave a scarf and share sour dinosaur candy.

                Special mention goes to the incredible soundtrack that accompanied the show.

                Philip and Lucinda is both everything you expect and nothing you will see again. If you like singing, dancing, surreal and absurdist humor and eating sour dinosaur candy, run don't walk to Philip and Lucinda.

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