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Saturday, August 6, 2016 04:08:14 PM
Rosebuds Through Time *Special Fringe Event* Review
by: Ezekiel McAdams

Rosebuds Through Time  *Special Fringe Event* Review

By Ezekiel McAdams

                The Rosebuds are back for a special, two night event, "Through Time", a Doctor Who themed burlesque show at the Broadway Theatre.

                For two nights only, the Rosebuds Burlesque Club will put on the Doctor Who themed event at 11pm at the Broadway theatre.

                The show starts with a tongue in cheek tone almost a porn parody of Doctor Who with this incarnation of the Doctor (Charlie Peters) and his assistant Harold Gamms traveling through time to repair the cracks of the Sexy Timeline with his Sonic vibrator and avoiding typical Doctor Who villains, the CyberMen and the Daleks. Of course, there is an obvious twist, the Dalek's popular phrase "Exterminate!" has been replaced with "Titillate"

                Peters has good fun poking fun at the material and also being an entertaining host who  appears both charming and quirky as him and assistant, Harold Gamms provide an entertaining distraction for the main attraction, The Rosebud Dancers.

                Because of the time travel format, all the dancers are from different periods;  Sera Starlight starts the show with an enticing 50s sock hop number, then onwards to Zar Redlips Phoenix who performs a fiery Cave Woman dance routine, Jane Marie brings back 90s Skater Punk with a routine set to Alanis Morrisette then onto Connie Conrad  Fusion who slow dances to the end of the world. Chloe D'Light returns us to the 60s with a Purple Haze number then going to an enticing tease performed  by Belle Ringer who shows us her inner Bettie Page with a 40s number "Diamonds are a Girl's Best friend", finally the show finishes with a very creative number Mona Handful dances with balloons decorated to look like the moon.

                The women present themselves as confident, strong, fearless while also displaying  a fun adventurous side. Doing burlesque shows are  most likely empowering for the dancers and it comes across on stage.

                Jane Marie and Mona Handful's routines were probably my favorite only because of the 90s attitude and punk confidence that Marie  brought and Mona's very creative Moon dance was surprisingly memorable.

                Special mention goes out to Shelby Lyn Lowe who not only stage managed the production but appeared as a special guest at the end as she became the Doctor's newest regeneration. Not only was it a pleasant surprise to present a female incarnation of the Doctor but Lowe's stage presence was delightfully fun and quirky and a nice end to the evening.

                The Rosebuds are a fun entertaining way to spend an evening whether you like to be teased or not you will come away with an unforgettable entertaining experience.

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