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Saturday, August 6, 2016 07:22:43 PM
Stan and the Singularity Review
by: Ezekiel McAdams

Stan and the Singularity Review

By Ezekiel McAdams

                Stan and the Singularity comes from local company, Fifth Wall Theatre,  written by Shawn Thomas Erker and performed and directed by Mikhael Rob Wirt and stars Derek Wilson as Stan and AJ Trew as the voice of the computer.

                Stan is the story of the titular character, trying to figure out his last girlfriend broke up with him and meets inventor (Wirt) who compels him to try his revolutionary new dating app.

                Wirt and Wilson have a strong chemistry and play well off each other, allowing the personal moments as well as the over the top cartoonish antics to both shine. Special mention to Trew who plays the computer with a softness and grace.

                The writing by Erker is really sharp. The quips are razor sharp and the dialogue is laced with both pop culture references and strong character moments.

                The direction by Wirt has a very steady pace, as the tension ramps up with the last half an hour, allowing the audience to feel trapped along with Wirt and Wilson's characters.

                Stan and the Singularity is funny, sharp  and has a lot of heart.  

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