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Saturday, August 6, 2016 07:23:39 PM
Life Review
by: Ezekiel McAdams

Life Review

By Ezekiel McAdams

                Life comes from local company, Canaberry Productions. Written and directed by Wade Klassen, "Life" tells his personal story coming to grips with the after effects of a stroke.

                The cast consist of Jonathan Pickrell playing the titular character with the supporting cast of Kastin Moen and Jalisa Gonie.

                The play is very personal for Klassen who directs it with conviction and heart that feels moving, touching and personal without a lecture.

                The only issue is the narrative that goes back and forth abruptly. The play might have been stronger if it just told one narrative instead of trying to juggle two,

                Pickrell is convincing as he deals with both pain, fear and excitement as he bounces back to different perspectives. He shows strong facial expressions. Moen and Gonie are fine supporting players as they both serve as comic relief and the heart that is needed in some of the play's tense moments.

             Special mention goes to Moen and Gonie who seemless play both funny and scary and are adept at physical movement.

                Life is anchored by strong acting and a very personal story told with a lot of heart.

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