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August 18-31
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Roland Sweet
Published Thursday May 28, 05:36 pm
Police dogs dig it when hit and run drivers go underground

Photo Credit: Illustration by Myron Campbell

After Marsha Yumi Perry, 36, struck a five-year-old boy with her pickup truck in Washougal, Oregon, she left the injured victim at the scene and then hid from police by crawling into a shallow hole and covering herself with dirt. A police dog tracking her scent indicated her location, and the handler warned that he was about to unleash the dog. “The ground moved, and she sat up,” said police Sgt. Geoff Reijonen. (The Oregonian)


Fruitful Gesture

Hoping for a new home in Venezuela’s Anzoátegui state, Marleni Olivo, 54, wrote her name and phone number on a mango and threw it at visiting President Nicolas Maduro, hitting him in the head. Maduro kept the mango and later announced that he had approved a new apartment for Olivo. “Tomorrow, no later than the day after tomorrow, we will give it to you,” he promised. Olivo later explained that she wanted to write her request on a note but lacked paper: “What I had was a mango that I was about to eat because I was hungry.” (CNN)


Norway Vs. Children

Norway’s Child Protection Service is seizing foreign children and fostering them to Norwegian parents to combat “the highest inbreeding in the world,” according to the Lithuanian talk show An Hour with Ruta. The program said that Lithuanian children living in Norway “are a sought-after commodity” to combat the high rate of Down syndrome and other birth defects among Norwegians. Dag Halvorsen, Norway’s ambassador to Lithuania, hired a Lithuanian public relations firm to counteract the misconception that Norwegian authorities are working “to obtain fresh, foreign children, such as Lithuanian ones, to strengthen the genetic material.” (The Local)


Can’t Stop The Rock


Quebec police issued a $148 ticket to 91-year-old Yvette Vachon for making too much noise with her recliner rocking chair. Two officers responded after her downstairs neighbour complained about being irritated by the sound of her chair and her television and insisted that police take action. Lawyer Charles Cantin took on her case pro bono. After he reported the ticket to the media, prosecutors in Saguenay canceled the fine and said the officers should have issued her just a warning. (The National Post)


Gropers Beware

Female lifeguards at China’s most dangerous rapids, in Henan province, have been fitted with cameras to discourage men from deliberately throwing themselves into the water so that they can grope their rescuers. Intended to identify sex-pest swimmers, the waterproof cameras are attached to the women’s helmets and legs, waists and chests, and decoratively covered by leaves and flowers. (Daily Mail)


Curses, Foiled Again

Moments after robbing a tourist of her gold chain on a street in Miami Beach, Florida, the gunman returned to the scene in his Mercedes and confronted the victim about the poor quality of the jewellery, complaining it was fake. The victim flagged down police and pointed out Daniel Sion Palmer, 26. “That was a brazen move,” said Det. Ernesto Rodriguez, “and because of that, he was able to be apprehended.” (WTVJ-TV)


Ex Post Facto Follies

An Australian man, seeking to reduce the amount owed his wife in divorce proceedings, disputed her claim that their marriage ended in 2011. He insisted instead that it ended in 1999 but, for the purposes of dividing their joint assets, that his affection for her ended in 1974, when he discovered she had “deformed” nipples. That was two years after their wedding, the man told Federal Circuit Court, but it took that long before he saw her undressed. “If I had seen them before, I would not have married her,” he said. Even though he wanted out of the marriage at that point, they subsequently had three children and stayed together for decades. Judge Warwick Neville chided the husband for his “very cavalier, if not a misleading and remarkably nonchalant, bordering on an immaturely irresponsible, approach … to the marital relationship,” and said the man was “nit-picking” to suit his own case. He ruled that the marriage ended in 2011. (Canberra Times)


Drinking-Class Hero

A British immigration court overturned a deportation order for a foreign criminal because he is an alcoholic. The 53-year-old man, who came to Britain from Libya in 1981 and has been convicted of 78 assorted offenses, appealed on the grounds that deporting him would violate his human rights because he would face physical punishment and imprisonment in his homeland for his uncontrollable drinking. The court noted that his many, unspecified offenses were committed “largely and possibly exclusively as a consequence of his alcoholism” but Upper Tribunal Judge Jonathan Perkins said deportation would deprive him of his “right to family life” in Britain, enabling him to continue his alcohol-fueled criminal behaviour. (The Telegraph)


What Could Go Wrong?

After the Rubbin’ Buttz BBQ in Milliken, Colorado, announced that the restaurant would celebrate White Appreciation Day on June 11 by offering white customers a 10 per cent discount, co-owners Edgar Antillon and Miguel Jiminez began receiving threats, including one bomb scare. “It’s been phone calls, it’s been e-mails, it’s been on social media,” Antillon said. “Some are just, ‘Hey, you’re an idiot,’ and others have been legit threats.” He added, however, that the messages have been “overwhelmingly positive.” Antillon said the idea for White Appreciation Day was to “highlight a double standard,” where African American and Hispanic Americans have month-long celebrations of their heritage, but he emphasized that the discount would apply to all patrons. All they have to do is ask. (The Washington Times)


Deadly Weapons

Authorities charged John Connolly, 52, with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon at a medical clinic in Englewood, Florida, after they said he disputed a pain-medication prescription and began choking a physician’s assistant with a stethoscope. (Sarasota’s WWSB-TV)

Compiled from mainstream news sources by Roland Sweet.

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