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August 18-31
VOL.14 ISSUE. 26

It’s Been Fun, Folks

Chris Kirkland
Published Thursday November 12, 05:25 pm
I won’t be here, but this magazine damn well better be

Photo Credit: Illustration by Evgenia Mikhaylova

Well. Here we are.

And what a crazy trip it’s been to get to this point: An intense near-decade’s worth of brilliant highs and crushing lows, of elation and despair, of success and stress — and often, of all of the above at the same time.

But above all, it’s been a journey of absolute gratitude for being allowed to be intimately involved in what I firmly believe (and will continue to believe) is Saskatoon’s most vital source for progressive news, arts and culture information.

If the above paragraphs haven’t made it clear, let’s get this out of the way: After almost 10 years, this is my last issue as the editor of Planet S magazine. And no less important, it’s also the last issue for designer extraordinaire Evgenia Mikhaylova — who, naturally, has chosen to say her own goodbyes with one last awesome illustration, which accompanies this article.

There are far too many people I should thank for the professional growth and great times I’ve enjoyed while here — including Evgenia herself first and foremost, both for her excellent work and friendship, but also simply for just putting up with me in the production department.

I can’t leave without mentioning the wonderful pair of Planet S founders, Mitch Diamontopoulos and April Bourgeois, who gave me this opportunity in the first place: Thank you! Also, our current publisher Terry Morash and esteemed Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth have been brilliant throughout my time, and Planet S partners-in-crime Heath Mulligan and Louise Buckmaster have become far more than simply long-time co-workers — they’ve become cherished friends.

Add in to that list brilliant and steadfastly loyal freelance writers like Craig Silliphant, Chris Morin, Noelle Chorney, Nathan Raine and so many more. Oh, and have you ever seen better illustrations than those we get from geniuses like Myron Campbell and Dakota McFadzean? Nope, you haven’t.

But — and cue the cliché, although it’s completely true — thanks most to you, Saskatoon. Without so many people being so enthusiastic about progressive local news reporting, cutting-edge arts and culture coverage and expert opinions on dining and drinking, there wouldn’t have been a job for me to fall so much in love with in the first place.

And “love” is absolutely the right word; regardless of the trials and tribulations, frustrations and failures that can’t help but come with a small, independent media outlet trying (and mostly succeeding, if I may be so bold), to punch well above its weight, there’s never been a single day that I haven’t been in love with my job as editor of Planet S.

This magazine has never lied to anyone or played fast and loose with the facts in its entire existence, and we’re damn well not going to do it during my final issue at the helm, so here’s one last truth: Neither Evgenia or I are leaving fully by choice.

As anyone with at least a hint of media savvy well knows, these are tough times for the print media industry — and especially so when you’re a small, independent and progressive magazine trying to fight against the mainstream tide.

So yeah, a bit of a pity party for the production department of Evgenia and I, I suppose — but we’ll cry a bit and then reminisce and laugh a lot over far too many glasses of wine very soon, so don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine, and I’m entirely confident that I can speak for Evgenia as well in saying that we’re both also very excited to see where the next step in our respective careers takes us.

What I do want you to think about, however, is just how much Planet S means to this city. I’m absolutely confident that the talented people who remain at the magazine will continue to put out brilliant content every two weeks, and I’ll be the very first person to grab each issue and read it all the way through. But just like always, this wonderful magazine needs your support — and if you’re anything like me, you can’t even comprehend the idea of a Saskatoon which doesn’t have Planet S in it. So this is simple: don’t let that day come, people.

Anyhow, like usual I’ve blathered on too much and now poor Evgenia is going to have trouble fitting this editorial in — just like old times, right Evgenia?

To sum up, let’s get this over with: Cheers and be well folks, and I’ll see you down the road.  

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