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Escape to Calgary — and feed your kids to dinosaurs

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Published Thursday June 23, 10:09 pm
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A lot can happen in 48 hours, especially when kids are involved. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Road trip, Calgary!

Remember those idyllic days of youth? When you and your friends just turned 18 and thought, “what’s going on this weekend?” If you’re anything like me, your first instinct was to shout “road trip!” Don’t let the kids stop you. In fact, take them with you and make your escape to Calgary! With so much happening in the city this summer, it isn’t hard to turn a single weekend into a fun and affordable family holiday with plenty of adventure.

It’s time to unleash that inner party animal from your youth, but this time, let loose with other animals by making lasting family memories at the Calgary Zoo.

If you’re uncertain about the kids handling a long, hot drive, rest assured Calgary isn’t too far and is easily accessible from all points on the compass. Just remember to fill-up in Alberta where gas is cheaper and PST doesn’t exist. If the kids do complain, it’s the perfect chance to play old-school car games like eye-spy or license plate Bingo. When that fails, simply plug them into their mobile devices and enjoy the peace, quiet, and guilt-free parenting as you drive along the rolling native prairie of Wild Rose Country. 

So now that the drive is behind you, it’s time to spend those 48 hours wisely. Start by finding the right hotel and tour package at The site helps keep the fun in funds by highlighting the best packages that combine hotel accommodations, meal plans, and family passes to Calgary’s best tourism destinations.

It isn’t hard to find great discounts to places like Calaway Park, western Canada’s largest family outdoor theme park, or affordable ways to spend the day downtown discovering whole new worlds at TELUS Spark, travelling back in time at Heritage Park, and watching the baby penguins play at the Calgary Zoo — Yes! That’s all within ten minutes of downtown. Not to mention, there’s plenty of shopping destinations for all tastes and budgets to discover throughout Calgary—remember what I said earlier about no PST?

But remember, you only have 48 hours, so make sure you spend at least six of those hours visiting one of Canada’s world-class attractions, the Calgary Zoo.

Over 1,000 animals across more than 250 different species thrive on one of Calgary’s picturesque islands (yes, believe it or not there are islands in downtown Calgary). Located in the heart of the city, it’s easy to walk, bike, or take the C-Train (Blue Line) directly to the front gates of the Calgary Zoo.

And once you’re in, you’re in!

There is only one admission price that gives your family 100 per cent access to all six exhibits. That means you don’t pay extra to see the new babies at Penguin Plunge, or to travel from Destination Africa to the Canadian Wilds — you can even feed your children to the life-sized animatronic dinosaurs in Prehistoric Park, all for the price of admission.

Just make sure that before your kids see the inside of a T-Rex’s belly, that they check out the giraffes, hippos, bears, Amur tigers, gorillas, red pandas, and rhinoceroses.

The Calgary Zoo also offers a Behind the Scenes experience of the zoo. It is an extra fee, but the memories will be unforgettable. Get up-close and personal with the penguins and even the rhinoceroses. You might even get a chance to feed a giraffe—which is way cooler and more affordable than feeding your kids in the long run.

No matter the adventure, Calgary has 48 hours locked and loaded for any adventure and every occasion. Anniversaries? Experience a magical date night you’ll want to relive until you get the chance to experience it again. Feel the need to feed an adrenaline rush? The mountains are less than an hour away. Or how about a relaxing trip with just the girls? Yes, yes, and yes.

Find it all and more in a single weekend by booking your stay at

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